Baptist Voice May 2019

Baptist Voice for May is here.  News for the Baptist Family in the UK. Regions, Colleges, Youth and BMS World Mission, plus a smattering of music and an update on the Big Church Day Out.

2 thoughts on “Baptist Voice May 2019”

  1. Hello Baptist Voice,
    since you moved to your new website your audio podcasts have not been working. I repeatedly click on the link above (the link with the “sound” symbol) to play them but nothing happens. I emailed Mary from the Baptist Union’s Faith & Society team and she said she is having the same problem. She said she’d emailed you early in July.
    Your audio podcasts are brilliant and I put them on the homepage of our church’s website (I do the website). I do hope you can fix this. There were no problems whatsoever when they were on your old website.
    Thank you very much. God bless.

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