Baptist Voice November 2020

November edition includes all the usual features – including a new contributor, Colin, who has taken over The Regional news from Lyndsey. (Thanks Lyndsey for all your past efforts.)

We’ve a report on the autumn BU council and a heart-warming story of a pastor coming to faith when somebody gifted him a church building.

Our Chaplain marks the season of remembrance.

Baptist Voice August 2020

News from the denomination as we slowly emerge from lock-down. Our young people are still meeting on-line with lots of activities provided by Scripture Union and Youth for Christ . Overseas we are at the forefront of the battle against Covid19 and at home churches are showing imaginative ways of linking up for worship – sharing input and using the contributions being offered by the area offices.

Baptist Voice May 2020

Baptist Voice including all the usual elements. There’s Good News and there’s bad news.
The bad news is that because so many of our vital services are not operating at full throttle news from the denomination is somewhat truncated.
The good news is that so many of the gospel recording artists have released the copyright on their music for the duration we are able to bring to you some fantastic music, singers and song writers including a new song written by Dave Bilbrough in support of the fantastic people Nurses, Doctors, Care workers and public servants who are keeping things moving during the pandemic.
God bless them and you as you enjoy this edition of Baptist Voice.