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Baptist Voice June 2019

Talking newspaper for Baptists in the UK

The talking Newspaper for visually handicapped Baptists in the UK

Baptist Voice June 2019

All the usual features incorporated into this post by virtue of our new provider

Baptist Voice May 2019

Baptist Voice for May is here.  News for the Baptist Family in the UK. Regions, Colleges, Youth and BMS World Mission, plus a smattering of music and an update on the Big Church Day Out.

Baptist Voice April 2019

Baptist Voice for April includes an act of worship for Easter as well as all the usual features.

Baptist Voice March 2019

Baptist Voice for March includes news about Big Church Day out North and details of the Christian Aid Easter Appeal as well as all the usual features highlighting the life of Baptists in the UK and beyond.

Baptist Voice February 2019

The latest talking newspaper for Baptists with sight loss is now up on line. As well as the usual features we’ve news of a timely intervention that has more than halved the defecit in the Baptist Pension Scheme. Baptists have joined other faith leaders in urging the government to move away from the hostile environment that greets those seeking sanctuary in the UK. …and we have news of a new series of Firestarter events encouraging growth in our churches.


Baptist Voice Deecmber 2018 – Christmas Edition

The latest edition of Baptist Voice, the talking newspaper is now up on line. It’s our Christmas Special.
All the usual features are there to keep you up to date with happenings in the Baptist family plus this time a couple of special guests sharing their thoughts on Christmas and to round things off our own mini carol service.
You can find us on or download our podcast to keep from iTunes.

Baptist Voice November 2018

This is the November edition of Baptist Voice the talking newspaper for UK Baptists with sight loss.
In this edition Baptist Leaders call for the Government’s Universal Credit system to be put on hold until all the problems have been ironed out.
We hear about a scheme to teach the gospel by playing football and how one church’s football ended up on a German Island in the North Sea.
Brave mission workers from BMS World Mission experience (of all things) floods and torrential rain whilst crossing the Sahara Desert and another missioner has made the red light district of Bankok her mission field.