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Baptist Voice September 2018

This month we mark the fact that 2018 sees the anniversary of the calling of the denomination’s first woman minister; we hear Christian Aid’s reaction to the United Nation’s report that the army in Myanmar committed many atrocities in their moves against the Rohynga people; Beth, a missioner with BMS World Mission speaks about her work in a cancer hosptial in Tunisia and we mark the passing of gospel singer Aretha Franklin and hear about her deep roots in the Baptist Church.

Baptust Voice August 2018

This month we report on what happens when you find folks who attended your church’s summer fayre have become the centre of world attention and you have to pick up the pieces.
There’s a movement to help children who normally get free school meals – and we report on what could be the fate of 43 Baptist Churches in the Ukraine.Plus all the usual features, of course.

Baptist Voice July 2018

There’s a lot to concern thoughtful Baptists this month. BMS partner and lawyer has been refused a visa to visit her colleagues at Head Office in Didcot and her British Father-in-Law. Baptists play a major role in the Joint Public Issues Team and they say the Government’s flagship policy of Universal credit is failing and it’s the poorest recipients who are suffering most.
There’s much else to grab your attention this month as well as all our usual features, music, college news and news from Tear Fund as well as Christian Aid and an invitation to join the association of Christian Writers.
And … have your ever worried about what has happened to the old Baptist Church House in Southampton Row in London … we can report that it’s now a posh boutique hotel, retaining many original features and open for business.

Baptist Voice June 18 Edition

Baptist Voice is the talking newspaper for Baptists with sight loss.
All the usual features, of course, in this midsummer edition, plus news that a UK survey has revealed that one third of the country’s population don’t know what role the church plays in society, but the Joint Public Issues team have been in part responsible for the demise of the fixed odds betting machines that have proved so addictive to problem gamblers.
If you know of someone who is registered blind and would like this edition on CD, Cassette or memory stick – email

Baptist Voice for May 2018

We’ve news of the Baptist Union President Elect for 2019-2020. It’s Rev Ken Benjamin of Chichester Baptist Church – we’ve a potted Biography for you.
There’s news of a new chaplaincy created by Baptist Minister Rev Carolyn Skinner. The post is designed to support Disk Jockeys and night club workers – this follows the shocking news of a DJ who has died at the tragic age of 28.
All the usual features are there as well as a special item marking Whit Sunday which we will all be celebrating this month.

Baptist Voice April 2018

The talking newspaper for Baptists with sight loss brings you this month news of the BU Cauncil that met in March and looks forward to the BU assembly in Peterborough in May.
We’ve news of an innovative scheme to distribute a Christian Newspaper – and it all started by accident.
Lots of activity on the music front in the next few weeks and we’ll be doing our best to keep you up to date.

Baptist Voice March 2018

This March edtion includes all the usual features and an act of worship for Easter. This special recording includes items from some of our favourite UK Gospel artists, who have kindly waived their copyright for this presentation. Listen out for Stuart Townend, Graham Kendrick and Dave Bilbrough.

Baptist Voice February 2018

Baptist Voice
The talking Newspaper for those with a visual impairment.
Contact: – Tel: Intl + 44 (0)161 613 5426
Send us your story – next month we want to her about Easter music events.

Baptist Voice December 2017

Listen to the Christmas Edition of Baptist Voice. A full round up of news plus, this month, a complete 30 minute Carol Service with children reading the story, Stephen our chaplain commenting and leading the prayers and, of course most, if not all your favourite carols.
God bless, and we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas wherever you are.

Baptist Voice November 2017

Baptist VoiceModerated by the North Western Baptist Association.
The Baptist Times reports the call for Religious freedom to be made a political priority.
Our youth corresdondent asks when is it too early to start celebrating Christmas?
We report on Christian Aid’s response to the leaking of the ‘Paradise Papers.
BMS World Mission report on news that with our support a mission in India is fighting witchcraft. One man saved is now running a church single handed.
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