Baptist Voice 2017 – July

Baptist Voice The talking newspaper for visually handicapped Baptists in the UK.
All the latest news views and reaction from:
The Baptist Union;
BMS World Mission;
Local Associations;
The Colleges (including the Seminary in Amsterdam);
Youth news and events;
Music reviews;
Tear Fund and Christian Aid.
All in 80 minutes. And it’s free!

Baptist Voice March 2017

Share with our chaplain as he speaks about the significance of Lent. As always there’s comprehensive review of news from the Baptist Church in the UK. Plus Regional and National News; College News and Youth news as well as Christian Aid events and a round-up of gospel music new releases and concerts.
80 minutes to share with many Baptists who listen in from USA to Australia.

Baptist Voice February 2017

All the latest news from the associatons and the colleges. Up to the minute news on the Gospel Music scene and reports from The Baptist Union and BMS World Mission. Highlighting Christian Aid and the youth scene and introducing Lucy, a new recruit with a young person’s perspective.

Baptist Voice – September 2016

Children who receive free school meals haven’t gone hungry when the schools closed for the summer. Thanks to the Baptist Churches in Huddersfield between 60 and 70 kids were given a hot meal at lunchtime – every day. And they’re served by an award winning cook.
Listen to Baptist Voice for September to hear the full story.